Android version too laggy and extremely bugged

After becoming a tester, i downloaded the mobile app on my Huawei DUB-LX2 3gb ram phone.

Upon opening the app, i immediately noticed that the template selection menu was not loading fast enough. Once it loaded, the remix screen was also laggy. Once i was in the clothes editing menu, it lagged even more and i could not change the colors on the shirt.

I hope that the release would be delayed in order for optimizations to be made.

Hy @pepper , and thank you very much for flagging up the issues with the Android beta version! Yes, we will make sure to address these bugs in the full-scale release

Minecraft skins not able to remixed pls help I want to create my own Minecraft skins on my phone

@pepper , hello and thank you for the wait. We updated our Android app 2 days ago and it should address this problem. Could you please check?

@Emma , we are working hard to bring Minecraft to mobile as soon as possible but for now we only support it on the web app unfortunately :frowning:

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