Huge bug please help asap

Everytime i remix smth and go to save it shoes up invisible and when i go to download it says missing media permission please get nack asap this stops me from making anything

Hi there @Bugboy , and thank you for flagging this up! Sorry that you ran into this bug. What device/browser are you using? Could you please also share a link to your design?

I am on android s21 I tried it even on another android it didn’t work also idk how to send link for mobile

Hi @Bugboy , thank you for clarifying. Android is in beta now, we are working hard to make a full-scale release as soon as possible! We will let you know when we release a fix

I tried the link and I logged in to my account and wherever I clicked that it only shows a black screen fix this asap

Hi @Bugboy , @Emma , we released a new Android app this week, could you please update and try again? The problems should be gone

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