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hi customuse i just wanted to say that is was watching a video on how to make items for Zepeto and while I was watching the video I saw a crop top with short sleeves I went to check if it is still there and I do not see it why did you remove it because I would have loved to use it and it would be nice to have some new items to use for zepeto but I know the team can be busy

Hi @DSB12234 ! Could you send me a link to the video? I might be able to retrieve that crop top for you

ok create ZEPETO custom 3D items without unity!! || tvalene -โ€˜เน‘โ€™- - YouTube in the first 24 seconds you will see it

@DSB12234 , I checked and can confirm: yes, we temporarily took it down due to a design error in September. I will chase up our 3D team and make sure we reupload it as soon as possible. I will let you know by posting in this thread

thank you so much for understanding

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@DSB12234 , we just re-published it: Customuse | Create virtual clothing, avatars and AR Experiences

Please let me know if you are missing something else!

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thank you so much that you even took the time to look at my message

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hi CUSTOMUSE TEAM I know that staff can be busy but i would love more items for Zepeto

@DSB12234 , hi! Anything in particular you are missing? :slight_smile:

well like dresses and skirts

@DSB12234 , ok, we will keep publishing new stuff but if you have anything specific in mind โ€“ let us know!

ok thank you so much

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