READ ME: How to use the New Features & Bug Reports category

Sharing your product feedback and ideas

At Customuse we highly value and encourage the feedback and ideas that come from our community.

We look at feedback from many different sources throughout the product cycle and it has truly helped make Customuse a better product. With that said, we want to make sure we set some expectations for how feedback and ideas will be handled here.

First, we cannot make any guarantees or promises that you’ll see your idea/feedback implemented into the product.

Secondly, topic threads that are 6 months or older may be closed or archived to help keep the community organized and healthy. We’ll make sure that our product teams have seen the feedback though before closing the thread.

Voting on ideas

Within this forum category you have the ability to vote on your favorite ideas/features. At the moment you have a limited number of votes that you can give out (this is subject to change). This helps us in accurately analyzing and prioritizing the ideas shared here. Again, as mentioned above, we cannot make any guarantees, and topics with the most votes won’t necessarily be implemented. Related we do not share a product roadmap and we’re unable to make promises around timelines (especially specific ones).

With all that being said, we do take your feedback and ideas seriously, and we consider it alongside other customer feedback at Customuse. :slight_smile:

Will your idea be implemented?

Maybe! We will do our best to prioritize what is important across our entire community. This means that while we may not implement the exact feature or idea you shared, we will do our best in addressing the pain points and problems our community are trying to solve.

If you have any questions about the above feel free to send a PM to @Mirosh